Works of art developed in the course of the experiments convey the complex ideas emanating from the scientific research. They materialize the constructed knowledge of crude oil and its culture(s) in novel representations, embodying an evolving and transforming understanding of this substance. Playfulness and a poetic perspective encourage unforeseen imaginative combinations, enhancing greater engagement with and understanding of crude oil.

Video 05:39 min “Crude Oil Pump versus Honey Pump” addresses the tension between mechanistic and holistic thinking, reflecting in its opposing actions the current process of our human existence in relation to its foundations. Two pumps, one filled with crude oil and the other with honey, work against each other. The substances are pressed against each other and separated again at random time intervals. In this symbolic confrontation, an uncontrolled and dynamic process emerges. In the art context honey is connected to Joseph Beuys’ works on the sustainable social system of the bee state and his concept of the social sculpture.

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